Saturday, September 11, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

Saya ingin mengambil kesempatan ini untuk mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri buat semua teman dan saudara yang mengenali.

Semoga Ramadhan yang lalu berjaya mendidik kita menjadi insan yang lebih berguna untuk agama, bangsa dan tanah air.

Saya juga ingin memohon maaf kepada semua seandainya ada sebarang kesilapan yang terlanjur saya lakukan.

Kullu 'aam wa antum bikhair..

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Monday, September 6, 2010


We are living a life of constant change. Whenever there is change, we should expect challenges as well. In order for us to win any challenges, we have to face our greatest competitor, none other than ourselves.

Just recently, I was bombarded with so many jobs. I don't know why but my bosses or even colleagues will always use this statement to make me accept anything that they are giving, "Ini la peluang ko nak belajar bende baru,". I hate to say this but they are totally right.

Learning new things are good. Very good. However, it is not always fun and fancy. I also should accept the fact that by pain only I can develop myself further. Having said that, I was fighting a constant fight with myself ever since to "learn new things". HUHUHU

Have a look at my "To-do List"
  1. Quotation Committee presentation paper for lube oil analysis.
  2. Paper preparation and presentation to area owner for Steam Turbines Improvement Plan.
  3. Technician annual performance report.
  4. Technician monthly score card submission.
  5. Quality check plan for motor PM22513 repair.
  6. Technical Committee presentation for KT1101 and PGD governors improvement plan.
  7. Engagement with vendors for electronic overspeed module incorporation at KT1101.
  8. Priority list and action plan for about 10 fans which are experiencing outstanding vibration.
  9. K22353 regenaration blower Bad Actor study.
  10. Wet Seal system technical sharing session with fellow engineers and Technical Professional.
  11. Oil seal improvement study and presentation.
  12. Budget preparation for Reliability Section.
  13. Budget estimation of rotary equipment related repair (including mechanical seal, bearing replacement and total overhaul) to be submitted to Maintenance Department.
I know most of you might not have even a single idea on things I've listed in my "To-do list" above. But believe me every time I sat on my workstation, looking at the list only was enough to give me stress and headache the whole working hours. Nasib baik bulan puasa, kalau tak ada yang telan 2 biji panadol terus, pastu ngantuk..

But, I believe by completing all those jobs and withstanding all the pain, I will be able to take up more difficult challenges in the future. With great power, comes great responsibility.

Stephen Covey once said, new muscles are only developed when a person feels pain resulting from exercising in which old muscles were "broken". I believe the same principle is applied here.

It is indeed painful to complete all those stuff but I have to overcome myself to be better. Victory is my goal. Let me win over myself first before aiming for something greater.

Selamat mengimarahkan Ramadhan yang berbaki 3 hari sahaja lagi.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hari ini, seorang Arab dijemput menjadi Imam Taraweh di Masjid Paka tempat di mana saya biasa solat fardhu.

"Fadhlan minallahi wan ni'mah" tidak kedengaran usai 2 rakaat pertama solat Taraweh. Orang di sekeliling saya kebingungan bila imam terus bangkit untuk menyudahkan 2 rakaat yang seterusnya. Saya sendiri berasa kekok.

Semasa di New Zealand, itu fenomena biasa. Bila diselidiki, memang tidak dijumpai nas yang kuat membicarakan perihal berselawat bagi mengisi sela masa antara 2 solat taraweh. Ia merupakan inisiatif orang Malaysia mungkin untuk menyempurnakan sunnah berehat sebentar antara 2 solat dengan diisi alunan zikir serta selawat kepada junjungan mulia Muhammad S.A.W.

Salahkah berbuat demikian? Wallahua'lam..

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Anak sulung lebih bijak..huhu

I found this article while browsing through my hundreds of unread news feed.

Quite interesting though to know that there is actually a dedicated study done to verify this as a hard fact.

Being the eldest has given me a lot of advantages as well as the opposites. Apart from having the nicest attention during my "younger" days, I also learned a lot especially in becoming a more responsible person. This actually helps in preparing myself before having my own family.

Am I smarter than the rest in my family? Maybe.. hehe

However, now I feel threatened by this guy:

Selamat berpuasa
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadhan Mubarak

Ini merupakan kali kedua saya menyambut ramadhan di Paka, Terengganu. Saya masih tidak dapat membuang rasa kagum pabila hadir ke masjid untuk menunaikan solat Tarawih semenjak semalam lagi. Masjid benar-benar penuh bagaikan sewaktu solat Jumaat gambarannya. Istimewa sekali.

Namun, "keoptimisan" saya ini terhapus terus tatkala mengenangkan apa yang berlaku pada tahun lepas. Masjid hanya penuh sebegini di awal-awal Ramadhan sahaja. Semakin ke penghujung, semakin sunyilah jadinya.

Keadaan ini dilihat sama sahaja di pelusuk dunia mana sekalipun. Semasa saya belajar dahulu, lebih kurang beginilah keadaannya dengan satu perbezaan ketara. Memandangkan New Zealand bukanlah negara majoriti Islam, sambutan hari raya tidak dimeriahkan dengan jualan murah di sana sini. Maka, tertumpulah juga umat Islam mengerjakan ibadah di saat-saat akhir ramadhan terutamanya pada malam ke-27. Masjid-masjid lazimnya akan mengadakan qiamullail jama'ie pada 10 malam terakhir Ramadhan. Pada malam ke-27, bukan sahaja sewaktu Tarawih masjid2 dibanjiri, malahan pada waktu qiamullail begitu jugalah keadaannya. Lebih istimewa.

Alangkah manisnya jika ini berlaku setiap hari tatkala waktu subuh menjenguk..

Terkenangkan Ramadhan di Auckland..

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We are very busy. Looking at the current situation that we are facing in this world, makes us become busier than ever.

If you are someone who follows world and Malaysian news, you will notice that there are a few issues that are occupying the front page of most newspapers.
  1. Israeli raid on humanitarian Flotilla aid to Gaza.
  2. Oil spills from BP's Deepwater Horizon Rig at the Northern Gulf of Mexico Coast.
  3. Malaysian sugar shortage.
  4. World cup warming up sessions injuries.
  5. Apple launched its new iPhone 4.
  6. Many more
Being a normal person who is not so clear about his own big dreams, I feel like I'm not contributing much in making this world a better place to live in. I even feel that I'm not even capable of improving my own self by much.

People are fighting their way up to champion the humanitarian cause in Palestine. Companies are challenging each other in coming up with products that bring the world's technology a few steps further. Organisations are working hard to lend a hand in helping those in need. National teams are struggling really bad to become winners in what ever competition that they are competing in.

At this very moment, What I can do is just sit in front of my laptop, reading the news, read some books and after this I'll go to work. I'm busy at doing nothing actually. Maybe, this is the time when I have to challenge myself and run very far from complacency.

I feel very busy everyday. But I'm not sure if I'm spending my time being busy in attending the right thing. Sometimes, I was just busy wandering around my work place compound, surfing useless pages in the net, reading things that I don't understand and etc. No impact at nothing at all.

I have to be busy at the right thing, starting NOW...
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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Why do some people work hard from one day to another?
Why do people venture into big businesses?
What are we expecting when buying a decent building to be owned as our home?

If we think deeply about it, the different guessing that we have is actually rooted from a single reason. So that we can live more comfortably.

Once we have the experience of living in a very comfortable condition, most of us will rather fight than letting that "feeling" go. Hence, you will always find people who are already rich, will work their way to become richer.

I have no problem with this. In fact, if being rich can bring us closer to Allah, some scholars said we should not let it go.

There are some cases where people are willing to let go of all their wealth because they just experienced their spiritual awakening and straight away thought that becoming less rich is more favourable by The Almighty (the act of becoming a Zuhud person). This is not particularly true.

Ibn Taimiyah once said, Zuhud is the act of letting go things that does not bring us any benefit in the hereafter. While those that benefit us, should be sustained as much as possible. Experience tells us that usually, these things are not in our favor. For example, we can be a billionaire. No problem. But, those wealth that we have should not be kept for our usage only. It should be spent for the benefit of others and more holy if this is done in the name of Allah and Islam.

Hence, it is our call now. As human, we are not who we think we are, but we are who we choose to be. If we choose to live a life of comfort, we could probably die as a mediocre homosapien that does not contribute to the betterment of this world. However, if we choose to live a life of sincere contribution, the reward that is waiting for us is tremendous.

Let us have more understanding and faith about the unseen future so that we will not suffer then.

Qul Aamantu billah, thum mastaqim..

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Friday, March 26, 2010


It felt very frustrated when you cannot get what you always wanted in life. It really does. Look at kids who are not allowed to play with toys simply because their parents cannot afford to buy one. They would feel very sad, not because the fact that their parents are having financial problems. They're sad because they cannot get to play with the toys that they desire.

We would think this is very childish. We think that we would feel differently if we are adults and having to face the same situation. As for me, I don't think so. We shouldn't take the case with the kids and their toys directly. For our case, it is extravagantly complicated.

As adults we are not looking for toys to make us happy. There are other things. Getting married, having a lot of money in our pockets, going for luxurious vacations, having dinner at exclusive restaurants and what not. These are our toys. Some are more important than the others. Some might be considered as needs while the rest are our desires.

When there are things that could block you from your way to achieve what you desired, you will directly be frustrated. And, that will be the perfect time to play "blaming others" game. It seems right to blame everyone in this whole wide world other than ourselves for the thing that we are going through. This is true since I am having the same problem myself. For example, when our car tire was punctured because we ran over a hole on the street, we will firstly blame either the tire or the street and not ourselves who obviously having the control of our car in our hands. We might play the blaming game as far as with the government who is responsible to make sure the street is a safe place to drive on.

However, things are far more complicated than what I can give you in my example. Sometimes, even we have no control with the situation that we have to face. Blaming others will not help even a little. Blaming ourselves will not shrink the issue as well. What then?

Let's ask the Almighty to help us see the hikmah behind every test that He puts upon us every single day. I'm very sure, nothing happens in this world but with a reason. A reason that could transform us to become a better person.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Love unconditionally.

Some say it is a myth, some say it is pure truth.

The first time I came across the term "unconditional love", I didn't really understand what does it mean. However, deep in my heart I know it's good.

Being able to understand that term now, I personally think that it maybe too good to be true. Just imagine this, you were just being laid out from your company. When you got home, your wife or parents (for those who are still bachelors like me) scolded you for what had just happened to you. Tell me if what you feel for them at that time is exactly the same like when you are in a "happy we are so lucky" mode.

Those with very tough mental attitude might be able to attain this. If our love could really be unconditional, there's nothing more that we could ask to be happier. Those around us couldn't be more thankful to have us at their side. How prosperous our life will be.

Let's make unconditional love happen to those around us, to the Almighty that only Him worthy to be worshipped, and also to our Prophet whom without his teachings will make us live in darkness.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Terlalu banyak perkara yang kita lakukan tanpa ada sebab yang konkrit. Sebagai seorang Islam yang diajar untuk mempersoalkan banyak perkara, saya sukar menerima bila kita terpaksa melakukan sesuatu hanya kerana orang dahulu biasa mengamalkannya.


Pernah saya dimarahi oleh ibu, ayah, datuk dan nenek kerana terlalu banyak mempersoalkan adat Melayu semasa majlis pertunangan saya. Saya pelik kenapa...
  1. Kenapa perlu sediakan jumlah2 hantaran tertentu untuk dihantar ke rumah perempuan? Si perempuan perlu membalas dengan jumlah tertentu pula. Contohnya, kalau lelaki hantar 7 dulang, perempuan perlu balas 9 atau lebih. Jumlahnya mesti berangka ganjil.
  2. Kenapa tepak sireh atau sireh junjung seakan2 wajib ada dalam salah satu dulang hantaran itu?
  3. Kenapa cincin bertunang perlu berbatu? Cincin merisik pula berbelah rotan? (Ini mungkin lebih kepada tanda, bukan adat)
  4. Dan lain-lain
Ada lagi beberapa perkara, namun terlalu sensitif untuk saya sebutkan di sini. Mungkin ada sahabat lain yang mahu berkongsi pendapat.

Walaubagaimanapun, saya tidak menafikan peranan adat dalam membentuk kita menjadi seorang yang tertib, saling menghormati dan hidup teratur. Cuma, kalau kita terus mengamalkan adat-adat yang tidak relevan dengan masa, saya bimbang bangsa ini akan terus ketinggalan.

Kita perlu berubah. Akal fikiran perlu menjadi paksi kepada tindakan sekiranya tiada nas qath'ie (kuat) yang mensabitkan untuk kita melakukan atau meninggalkan sesuatu.

Tidak lupa, ingin saya ucapkan syukur atas majlis pertunangan yang sudah. Alhamdulillah, dikurniakan tunang solehah dan keluarganya yang sangat baik.

Ayah saya (berbaju belang) sedang berbincang dengan ayah tunang saya. Nama tunang dirahsiakan..hehe

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Friday, February 26, 2010


To be everywhere, is to be nowhere.
-anonymous (the truth is, I couldn't remember from whom does this words come from)-

This is very true. As an engineer, I always work for better efficiency. Its either making things to work more efficiently or making myself more efficient at work. With that, I tend to do many things at one time.

Having this wisdom in hand, I admit what I have practised all this while was totally wrong. I tend to mix everything that I can reach to be done at one single time. Hence, result of the completed work was not as good as expected. Or, the doing of the work could be less interesting.

Albert Einstein also once said,
Sun rays can only burn into flame when it is put into focus.
Concentration is the key. Getting your work done, one at a time is another way looking at the key.

Let us work for improvement.
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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Tanpa perancangan, usahlah kita impikan kejayaan.

Kegagalan anda merancang merupakan langkah pertama ke arah memastikan kegagalan anda.

Namun saya pasti persoalan yang lebih besar adalah apakah yang perlu kita rancangkan?

Untuk merancang kerja-kerja berbentuk reaktif atau memakan jangka masa pendek bukanlah satu masalah. Sebagai contoh, bila kita mahu pulang ke kampung halaman dan jaraknya pula jauh, sudah pasti kita akan merancang supaya akhirnya kita akan berjaya sampai ke destinasi. Kita rancang jalan mana yang perlu diikuti, pukul berapa harus mula bertolak dan sebagainya. Paling kurang, kita akan merancang untuk mencari stesen minyak bila lampu kuning berlambang stesen petrol di dashboard kereta menyala keriangan..

Kebolehan merancang yang menjamin kebahagiaan masa depan adalah kebolehan merancang untuk jangka masa panjang. Di sinilah ramai antara kita gagal lakukan termasuk saya. Mengikut kajian yang dilakukan oleh Richard Carswell, seorang pakar motivasi, hanya 3% daripada manusia di seluruh dunia ini yang mempunyai perancangan hidup yang teratur.

Secara logiknya, kita sebenarnya perlu mengenalpasti di manakah destinasi hidup sebelum boleh merancang apa-apa untuk mengakhiri hidup. Persoalan ini sering berjaya membuat saya buntu. Caissss!!

Bagi sahabat seagama, kita mungkin mengambil jalan mudah mengatakan destinasi hidup adalah syurga.

SALAH!! Itu destinasi SELEPAS hidup..

Sila fahamkan soalan, di manakah destinasi hidup? Maksudnya, bagaimana anda mahu hidup anda berakhir?

Mahu berakhir sebagai seorang tua yang mendapat pencen kerajaan?
Mahu berakhir sebagai seorang pesara PETRONAS yang ditanggung wang kwsp (kalau masih berbaki)?
Mahu berakhir sebagai seorang datuk yang sibuk melayan cucu-cucunya?

Kelmarin saya bermimpi, rasanya saya mahu hidup ini berakhir sebagai seorang selebriti. Saya terasa seperti mahu mempunyai stesen penyiaran sendiri. Ada sesiapa lagi yang berminat?


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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Today, a few engineers from Integrated Machinery Inspection Section (IMI) including myself were asked to attend a class organised by INTEKMA, a company specialised in vibration monitoring jobs. It was a meaningful class with priceless knowledge being shared by INTEKMA's boss, Hj Hamidon bin Hj Ali.

Vibration is an interesting topic.. for some I guess...

If you can really acquire the skill and knowledge in this field, you can become someone.

Theoretical part of the lesson was very interesting. I felt like being in some other places when Hj Hamidon explained to us all about the digital stuff linked to vibration analysis.

Root Mean Square
F max
Hanning window
and so much more...

Don't worry. I can still resist the eagerness to tell you all the technical stories with respect to this subject.

What I like about Hj Hamidon's class was, it was not designed to make us understand vibration entirely. It was rather an eye opening session in which I also learned that we are far behind those who invented the technology that was oriented since early 1800.

One of the most interesting remarks that Hj Hamidon made was the success story of Nicola Tesla.

In the age 25, Nicola Tesla was able to look at the advantage of using AC current compared to DC. At that time, DC was very popular and being used extensively by Thomas Edison who was 50+ years in age. Thomas Edison had with him about 1000 patents and yet, Nicola Tesla had no doubt at all to argue with Edison that AC can be used as good as DC current was.

This was more than 100 years back. If they can think of "changing the world" kind of things during those days at very young age, why can't we?

Man..! I feel like we are being left soooooo far behind.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Sudah berhabuk, bersarang lelabah nampaknya laman blog ini.

Kebelakangan ini, saya banyak berfikir. Saya merantau ke sana ke mari demi menyebarkan dakwah Islam dan menyeru manusia agar mencari erti hidup. Pada masa yang sama, saya sendiri merasa buntu melihatkan hidup saya yang tampaknya tidaklah terlalu bererti.

Sepertimana manusia lain, saya mahu berjaya. Saya baca pelbagai buku motivasi. Banyak nasihat berguna yang boleh saya amalkan. Namun satu pun tidak dapat saya praktikkan.

Suka saya mulakan dengan saranan daripada buku-buku tersebut yang menyatakan, untuk berjaya seseorang perlu ada matlamat. Tidak cukup sekadar mengangankannya, anda malahan perlu menulisnya dan letakkan ia ditempat yang mudah dilihat.

Hmm, matlamat.
Matlamat bertulis..

Sebagai jalan mudah, tuliskan saja matlamat hidup kita adalah untuk menjadi hamba Allah. Namun apakah anda boleh mengukur andai kiranya matlamat itu berjaya anda capai? Jika ya, bagaimana anda ukur? Kongsikan dengan saya jika boleh..

Saya buntu. Dunia terumbang-ambing, neraca akhirat pun tidaklah terlalu cemerlang. Mungkin punca kebuntuan ini kerana dangkalnya pengetahuan saya tentang banyak perkara.

Dangkal pengetahuan agama. Kenal Allah? Sedikit sekali.
Dangkal pengetahuan am. Apa yang berlaku dalam Malaysia pun tidak saya fahami.
Dangkal pengetahuan tentang kerja. Bagaikan hanya melakukan rutin harian.
Dangkal pengetahuan erti hidup. Majoritinya, hidup seakan-akan hanya untuk makan, tidur dan bersenang-senang sahaja.

Ada tokoh yang mengatakan, mimpi hanya boleh dicapai jika kita mempunyainya.

Apakah mimpi saya? Saya sendiri tidak pasti.

Semoga Allah menunjukkan jalan yang benar buat saya menjadi insan yang lebih cemerlang. Biar berduri, saya rela. Doakan saya tabah.

Ya Allah, aku pohon padamu satu mimpi!

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