Friday, February 26, 2010


To be everywhere, is to be nowhere.
-anonymous (the truth is, I couldn't remember from whom does this words come from)-

This is very true. As an engineer, I always work for better efficiency. Its either making things to work more efficiently or making myself more efficient at work. With that, I tend to do many things at one time.

Having this wisdom in hand, I admit what I have practised all this while was totally wrong. I tend to mix everything that I can reach to be done at one single time. Hence, result of the completed work was not as good as expected. Or, the doing of the work could be less interesting.

Albert Einstein also once said,
Sun rays can only burn into flame when it is put into focus.
Concentration is the key. Getting your work done, one at a time is another way looking at the key.

Let us work for improvement.


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