Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Today, a few engineers from Integrated Machinery Inspection Section (IMI) including myself were asked to attend a class organised by INTEKMA, a company specialised in vibration monitoring jobs. It was a meaningful class with priceless knowledge being shared by INTEKMA's boss, Hj Hamidon bin Hj Ali.

Vibration is an interesting topic.. for some I guess...

If you can really acquire the skill and knowledge in this field, you can become someone.

Theoretical part of the lesson was very interesting. I felt like being in some other places when Hj Hamidon explained to us all about the digital stuff linked to vibration analysis.

Root Mean Square
F max
Hanning window
and so much more...

Don't worry. I can still resist the eagerness to tell you all the technical stories with respect to this subject.

What I like about Hj Hamidon's class was, it was not designed to make us understand vibration entirely. It was rather an eye opening session in which I also learned that we are far behind those who invented the technology that was oriented since early 1800.

One of the most interesting remarks that Hj Hamidon made was the success story of Nicola Tesla.

In the age 25, Nicola Tesla was able to look at the advantage of using AC current compared to DC. At that time, DC was very popular and being used extensively by Thomas Edison who was 50+ years in age. Thomas Edison had with him about 1000 patents and yet, Nicola Tesla had no doubt at all to argue with Edison that AC can be used as good as DC current was.

This was more than 100 years back. If they can think of "changing the world" kind of things during those days at very young age, why can't we?

Man..! I feel like we are being left soooooo far behind.


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