Friday, March 26, 2010


It felt very frustrated when you cannot get what you always wanted in life. It really does. Look at kids who are not allowed to play with toys simply because their parents cannot afford to buy one. They would feel very sad, not because the fact that their parents are having financial problems. They're sad because they cannot get to play with the toys that they desire.

We would think this is very childish. We think that we would feel differently if we are adults and having to face the same situation. As for me, I don't think so. We shouldn't take the case with the kids and their toys directly. For our case, it is extravagantly complicated.

As adults we are not looking for toys to make us happy. There are other things. Getting married, having a lot of money in our pockets, going for luxurious vacations, having dinner at exclusive restaurants and what not. These are our toys. Some are more important than the others. Some might be considered as needs while the rest are our desires.

When there are things that could block you from your way to achieve what you desired, you will directly be frustrated. And, that will be the perfect time to play "blaming others" game. It seems right to blame everyone in this whole wide world other than ourselves for the thing that we are going through. This is true since I am having the same problem myself. For example, when our car tire was punctured because we ran over a hole on the street, we will firstly blame either the tire or the street and not ourselves who obviously having the control of our car in our hands. We might play the blaming game as far as with the government who is responsible to make sure the street is a safe place to drive on.

However, things are far more complicated than what I can give you in my example. Sometimes, even we have no control with the situation that we have to face. Blaming others will not help even a little. Blaming ourselves will not shrink the issue as well. What then?

Let's ask the Almighty to help us see the hikmah behind every test that He puts upon us every single day. I'm very sure, nothing happens in this world but with a reason. A reason that could transform us to become a better person.


DeWi said...

yup! life just like that...
if u feel so frustrated , just tear.. dat may make us feel better...

N. Azmir said...

I'm not sure if crying will solve things. I'm a guy. Guys often look for solutions. We seldom deal with our emotions seriously. Tu yg lelaki ramai yg ego tu.

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