Thursday, March 11, 2010


Love unconditionally.

Some say it is a myth, some say it is pure truth.

The first time I came across the term "unconditional love", I didn't really understand what does it mean. However, deep in my heart I know it's good.

Being able to understand that term now, I personally think that it maybe too good to be true. Just imagine this, you were just being laid out from your company. When you got home, your wife or parents (for those who are still bachelors like me) scolded you for what had just happened to you. Tell me if what you feel for them at that time is exactly the same like when you are in a "happy we are so lucky" mode.

Those with very tough mental attitude might be able to attain this. If our love could really be unconditional, there's nothing more that we could ask to be happier. Those around us couldn't be more thankful to have us at their side. How prosperous our life will be.

Let's make unconditional love happen to those around us, to the Almighty that only Him worthy to be worshipped, and also to our Prophet whom without his teachings will make us live in darkness.


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