Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Why do some people work hard from one day to another?
Why do people venture into big businesses?
What are we expecting when buying a decent building to be owned as our home?

If we think deeply about it, the different guessing that we have is actually rooted from a single reason. So that we can live more comfortably.

Once we have the experience of living in a very comfortable condition, most of us will rather fight than letting that "feeling" go. Hence, you will always find people who are already rich, will work their way to become richer.

I have no problem with this. In fact, if being rich can bring us closer to Allah, some scholars said we should not let it go.

There are some cases where people are willing to let go of all their wealth because they just experienced their spiritual awakening and straight away thought that becoming less rich is more favourable by The Almighty (the act of becoming a Zuhud person). This is not particularly true.

Ibn Taimiyah once said, Zuhud is the act of letting go things that does not bring us any benefit in the hereafter. While those that benefit us, should be sustained as much as possible. Experience tells us that usually, these things are not in our favor. For example, we can be a billionaire. No problem. But, those wealth that we have should not be kept for our usage only. It should be spent for the benefit of others and more holy if this is done in the name of Allah and Islam.

Hence, it is our call now. As human, we are not who we think we are, but we are who we choose to be. If we choose to live a life of comfort, we could probably die as a mediocre homosapien that does not contribute to the betterment of this world. However, if we choose to live a life of sincere contribution, the reward that is waiting for us is tremendous.

Let us have more understanding and faith about the unseen future so that we will not suffer then.

Qul Aamantu billah, thum mastaqim..


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