Wednesday, June 9, 2010


We are very busy. Looking at the current situation that we are facing in this world, makes us become busier than ever.

If you are someone who follows world and Malaysian news, you will notice that there are a few issues that are occupying the front page of most newspapers.
  1. Israeli raid on humanitarian Flotilla aid to Gaza.
  2. Oil spills from BP's Deepwater Horizon Rig at the Northern Gulf of Mexico Coast.
  3. Malaysian sugar shortage.
  4. World cup warming up sessions injuries.
  5. Apple launched its new iPhone 4.
  6. Many more
Being a normal person who is not so clear about his own big dreams, I feel like I'm not contributing much in making this world a better place to live in. I even feel that I'm not even capable of improving my own self by much.

People are fighting their way up to champion the humanitarian cause in Palestine. Companies are challenging each other in coming up with products that bring the world's technology a few steps further. Organisations are working hard to lend a hand in helping those in need. National teams are struggling really bad to become winners in what ever competition that they are competing in.

At this very moment, What I can do is just sit in front of my laptop, reading the news, read some books and after this I'll go to work. I'm busy at doing nothing actually. Maybe, this is the time when I have to challenge myself and run very far from complacency.

I feel very busy everyday. But I'm not sure if I'm spending my time being busy in attending the right thing. Sometimes, I was just busy wandering around my work place compound, surfing useless pages in the net, reading things that I don't understand and etc. No impact at nothing at all.

I have to be busy at the right thing, starting NOW...


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