Monday, September 6, 2010


We are living a life of constant change. Whenever there is change, we should expect challenges as well. In order for us to win any challenges, we have to face our greatest competitor, none other than ourselves.

Just recently, I was bombarded with so many jobs. I don't know why but my bosses or even colleagues will always use this statement to make me accept anything that they are giving, "Ini la peluang ko nak belajar bende baru,". I hate to say this but they are totally right.

Learning new things are good. Very good. However, it is not always fun and fancy. I also should accept the fact that by pain only I can develop myself further. Having said that, I was fighting a constant fight with myself ever since to "learn new things". HUHUHU

Have a look at my "To-do List"
  1. Quotation Committee presentation paper for lube oil analysis.
  2. Paper preparation and presentation to area owner for Steam Turbines Improvement Plan.
  3. Technician annual performance report.
  4. Technician monthly score card submission.
  5. Quality check plan for motor PM22513 repair.
  6. Technical Committee presentation for KT1101 and PGD governors improvement plan.
  7. Engagement with vendors for electronic overspeed module incorporation at KT1101.
  8. Priority list and action plan for about 10 fans which are experiencing outstanding vibration.
  9. K22353 regenaration blower Bad Actor study.
  10. Wet Seal system technical sharing session with fellow engineers and Technical Professional.
  11. Oil seal improvement study and presentation.
  12. Budget preparation for Reliability Section.
  13. Budget estimation of rotary equipment related repair (including mechanical seal, bearing replacement and total overhaul) to be submitted to Maintenance Department.
I know most of you might not have even a single idea on things I've listed in my "To-do list" above. But believe me every time I sat on my workstation, looking at the list only was enough to give me stress and headache the whole working hours. Nasib baik bulan puasa, kalau tak ada yang telan 2 biji panadol terus, pastu ngantuk..

But, I believe by completing all those jobs and withstanding all the pain, I will be able to take up more difficult challenges in the future. With great power, comes great responsibility.

Stephen Covey once said, new muscles are only developed when a person feels pain resulting from exercising in which old muscles were "broken". I believe the same principle is applied here.

It is indeed painful to complete all those stuff but I have to overcome myself to be better. Victory is my goal. Let me win over myself first before aiming for something greater.

Selamat mengimarahkan Ramadhan yang berbaki 3 hari sahaja lagi.

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